At the end of the 2nd semester my daughter had a D average.  After a couple of sessions with Mrs. Billette, she brought home her first A of the year. With renewed confidence and

Mrs. B’s continued tutoring 

my daughter was able to markedly improve her math grade.  Thank you, Mrs. B.

-Jane F., mom of 6th grade student




We find Stefanie to be extremely knowledgeable in her subject area as well as very engaging and approachable. Stefanie has been working with our daughter for two years.

She began the process by establishing a strong rapport and 'safe environment' within which they could work. She quickly assessed our child's abilities and her learning style, and has been able to present alternative strategies and a tailored approach based on our daughter's needs. By using positive reinforcement and cementing fundamental principles, she has enabled our daughter to gain a sense of confidence she has not had before. The tutoring/coaching provided by Stefanie has been a very positive experience for our whole family and I am very comfortable recommending her as an extremely professional and capable tutor.

    -Anne, mom of 8th grade Algebra student



Stefanie Billette is a phenomenal tutor.  My sons, both age 13

and in 7th grade, have had several tutors over the years and I have to say that Stefanie is by far the best.  She is the first tutor to help our boys pull their grades in advanced math from a "C" to an "A".  She is not only great at tutoring, but she is also friendly and personable with both kids and adults.  This is very important to me as our boys are very shy and hesitate to ask for help when they are uncomfortable with a teacher or tutor. She is so well loved by our whole family that we will continue with tutoring over the summer. 

                                                                             -Ann W., mom of 7th grade twins


















































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